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The Industry Standard

 In Livestock Handling Equipment

Who We Are

Who We Are

Moly Manufacturing, Inc. designs, fabricates, and markets hydraulically operated livestock handling equipment world-wide, with emphasis on the comfort of the livestock and the equipment operator, ultimately resulting in additional safety, efficiency, and calmer handling of livestock.



Moly's first priority is safety. All of our products are master engineered purposefully with your safety in mind.


Moly's products are remote controlled to allow for less labor, increased safety, and an experience that is less physically demanding.



Moly's products are modular pieces and can be purchased individually to fit your current facility. We build to suit your needs.

Moly has engineered their products to incorporate a Noise Reduction System that helps keep cattle calm and you safe at all times.

What People Are Saying

"Now I give shots and feel that I'm not in danger. In the past, I was concerned about losing a needle in an animal, because they had so much room to move around. Now, I can stretch the neck out. From an animal safety point of view, I feel like we can't beat SILENCER."

- Brook, Hedgewood Prairie

What People are Saying
Our Products

Our Products


Moly Manufacturing’s SILENCER hydraulic squeeze chute is the Industry Standard for healthy and happy animals. SILENCER's outstanding equipment design and superior construction gets the work done faster, quieter, and more efficiently with less animal and operator stress.

Fewer people. Less effort. Added safety. TurretGate is an advanced gate design that shuttles back through the turret, re-positioning behind waiting animals. It eliminates the need to swing the gate back open into the waiting animals and virtually eliminates the need for humans to be in with the cattle.

TurretGate Color no background.png

Our all-new all-purpose corral comes with a number of impressive features that are sure to streamline your experience! With brace stabilizers, galvanized wheels hinged to the fence surface, and optional head gate for animals of varying sizes, the AP corral is the best in the industry. 

AP no bck.png

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