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TransCorral 2


Classic Design. Added Safety.

The original TransCorral was the product that put Moly Manufacturing on the map. With its innovative design and portability, producers everywhere fell in love with TransCorral. We are excited to announce the TransCorral 2, a fresh take on this classic Moly product! With 228 feet of perimeter panels and a 4000 sq. foot area, highway speed hubs and torsion suspension, and an industry-leading flat loading deck, this corral is sure to meet any challenge. This new design provides added safety by adding a man door to the loading deck. Additionally, the electric lifts on TransCorral 2 are solar-powered and have an increased capacity of up to 8000 pounds. We are very proud of this product, and we know you'll love it!


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At Moly Manufacturing, safety

is our number one priority. We work hard to ensure that all of our products meet the highest safety standards.

TransCorral 2 improves upon the original model by adding new, enhanced safety features to ensure that operating the corral is safe for producers everywhere. Among the new updates to the original design are highway speed hubs, improved torsion suspension, and industry-leading flat loading deck with a man door for added safety. This ensures the safety of you and your crew when unloading, setting up, loading, and transporting the corral. It is safe to pull at highway speeds, easy to control and operate, and sure to streamline your operation greatly.



228' of perimeter panels or 4000 sq. ft. area. 8000 lbs.

Highway speed hubs and torsion suspension

Bumper pull, industry-leading flat loading deck with man door

Electric lifts using solar power

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