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Moly's founder, Jon Mollhagen, is a rancher through and through. Before a career journey that led to tromping through South Africa, the bush of Australia, the subtropics of Brazil, and countless other countries, Jon was growing up on his family's fifth-generation row crop and cow-calf operation in the Smoky Hills outside Lorraine, Kansas. Long days of working beside his father and fixing equipment instilled a set of very deep roots, planted firmly in the prairie soil.

After high school, Jon went on to pursue a degree at Colby County Community College in western Kansas. His time there was cut short when an opportunity for the 19-year-old to start up his own farming operation became available. A willing-to-work attitude allowed him to survive those days. He started a custom farming business, operating on worn-out farm equipment and doing whatever it took to get by, eventually working himself up to 10,000 acres in the area.

Very early on in his farming career, Jon found that it was much more viable and cost-effective to build his own equipment; it quickly became apparent that it was not possible for most people, especially those with fledgling farm operations like his, to purchase high-dollar machinery. It was this innovative spirit and determination that drove him to create the very first product sold by Moly Manufacturing, Inc., the Trans-Corral. This revolutionary corral was designed to be collapsable and portable; it could be pulled by a single pickup truck. The Trans-Corral quickly enjoyed much success, becoming a big-ticket item at many trade shows across the country.

After the initial success of the Trans-Corral, Jon found himself swamped with requests from his customers for a hydraulic squeeze shoot to pair with the corral. Taking these points, he set out to build the SILENCER chute, the product that put Moly Manufacturing on the map. The quiet, equalized pressure system was one-of-a-kind, also focusing on animal exit and operator safety. It was a brand new take on the squeeze shoot, and it soon gained immense popularity with cattle producers around the country, even internationally. The SILENCER became the flagship product of Moly Manufacturing, building it a reputation as the industry standard in livestock handling equipment.

In the years since the release of the SILENCER, Moly has continued to grow its following, as well as its product line. More recently, products such as the TurretGate and All-Purpose Corral have further improved cattle operations around the world. These releases have served to solidify Moly's reputation, as well as propel the world of cattle production into a new era of innovation. When Jon sold his first Trans-Corral in 1987, he had no idea that his little corporation would grow to what it has become. It is his hope, as well as that of the entire company, that with the same level of hard work and dedication that has been shown over the years, we can build a better future for cattle production.


Moly Manufacturing, Inc. designs, fabricates, and markets hydraulically operated livestock handling equipment world-wide, with emphasis on the comfort of the livestock and the equipment operator, ultimately resulting in additional safety, efficiency, and calmer handling of livestock.

​Our wide assortment of innovative products are all made-to-order to suit the needs of the customer. Our products can be purchased a-la-carte, but are more commonly combined to create a comprehensive Flight Zone Avoidance System (FZA System). This system includes Moly’s TurretGate, Circular Fencing, Hydraulic Loading Chute, Dual/Single Alleys, Transitions, and SILENCER Chutes. This revolutionary system is just one more thing that makes Moly Manufacturing the industry standard in livestock handling equipment.

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