Other Products

Other Products


Moly's single or dual hydraulic alleyways are the most versatile on the market. With adjustable sides for easy clean-out and maintaining continuous forward flow, you have complete control. Includes optional remote no-back to manage animal flow. 


Moly's carriers (available in a variety of sizes and configurations) are engineered to be tougher, lighter, and more portable than any other carrier on the market. Tandem axles with torsion suspension, anti-chip paint, and durable wheels make this the most versatile carrier out there.

Loading Chutes

Moly's hydraulic load-out chute features a self-centering dock. The chute lifts from 10" to 58" off the ground, and the top deck stays flat with the man door. Includes stair steps for added safety and efficiency.


SILENCER scales promote longer scale life and easier cleanup. Pictured is the SILENCER overhead scale; Moly also offers a low-profile platform scale. Both of these products are optimized for increased flow in and out of the chute, and they stay out of the way to maximize the efficiency of your operation.



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