All-Purpose Corral


At Moly Manufacturing, safety

is our number one priority. We work hard to ensure that all of our products meet the highest safety standards.

Moly's All-Purpose Corral comes equipped with brace stabilizers to keep the fence from moving. The fence panels rest on galvanized steel wheels; this prevents the annoyance of flat tires, wheel slippage, and tire wear and tear. The wheels of the corral are hinged to lower the corral fence to the surface; this allows for more safety and control during the setup process. The All-Purpose Corral is also lightweight, which enables it to be pulled by smaller vehicles. This prevents wear and tear on trucks, and it also means that smaller operations without dedicated vehicles can still make use of this amazing product. No matter what kind of operation you have, we guarantee safety, control, and adaptability.



190' of perimeter panels or 2800 sq. ft. area. 3400 lbs.

1 Carrier for multiple uses, Optional StockRac and Single Alleyway

Galvanized steel wheels, no more flats or tires slipping off wheels

Highway speed hubs with torsion suspension. Large and small animal options.

"The Industry Standard in Livestock Handling Equipment"

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